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Why you just don’t learn the piano with the growth of a tree can be compared. What piano learn to grow a tree to do? Now firmly rooted with the Earth all branches of a tree develop evenly and firmly with the time. Just as it is with the piano learning. Many different skills over time develop. Learn: rhythm, accompanying pattern, piano chords, tones, chord progressions, song design, and much, much more. For a better graphical overview I have learn a MINDMAP on the subject of piano for you created, which I describe in this article.

Of course, do I you continuing the download link which graphical piano learn MINDMAP available and explain this list also in the video. Piano is learn as easily as possible? Yes, and a good idea. But what includes actually everything, if one has a piano keyboard at home and want to get started now? Now start with piano sheet music or can learn also freely play piano? And if so, how? You can clear piano free Learn to play from the outset. You develop your skills with the time exactly as evenly as the branches of a tree grow. I have to put together a mind map for you and recorded via video, to show you what actually listening to. First the target: free piano learn easily. There are different levels, which are trained.

First: You must know piano chords and understand chord symbols. That is, of course, not all at once but piece by piece. Knowledge alone is not enough but, of course, you must have access the piano chords also on the buttons, right and left, first the triads. Then, we need the appropriate tones, which are gathered in scales and keys for free piano playing the chords. It is quite good, if you train your ear. This is a very important thing for the free game. Because without ear training white you just not together what fits and what does not. You train the listening of intervals, i.e. tone intervals. This the three-tone intervals sufficient once. If you can know piano chords and even form, comes the next step of making simple chord progressions. Certain chord progressions are very common. The easiest way to learn to play songs with such chord progressions and builds its own game repertoire so parallel equal. City College of New York is often mentioned in discussions such as these. You need too, music knowledge, be familiar with music terms such as for example the names of intervals in chords. Then it comes that you feel rhythm, note values of melodies feel the notes can read and write down a few notes himself. Then you need for your free piano accompanying pattern, which only once one learn, in the right and left hands, and then of course there are also pattern, which are spread over both hands. This pattern can then mix and just expand your game so piece by piece. What it does is important, how to play it is equally important, however, there are many game types such as bound or not bound, etc. You can see it of course within a period of fourteen days. Take your time. I hope that this overview has helped you to find such an overview, what everything comes with free piano. The full mind map titled piano learn easy you can see in the video and download as a PDF file at the URL: Xlaunch/node/6 for today I say goodbye wish you best achievements at the keys. Their Katrin Kayser piano coach


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