First of all, if you do not know what Forex is and how to invest in this market, I invite you to read my article “What is the FOREX and forms of investment” As I said in the aforementioned article, Market Investing Foreign Exchange (Forex) any way you decide to invest, will always have its risks. If you invest directly, the risk depends on your knowledge of this market. If you invest through a broker or a robot, the risk depends on how good the broker or the robot. If you invest funds through intermediaries, the risk depends on the soundness of the fund. Additional information is available at Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. What is needed to reduce this risk? To reduce the risk by investing directly, you need years of study and practice Forex simulators. To reduce the risk by investing through a broker or a robot, necesitasinvestigar well with that robot Broker or think in, we must remember that a broker charges its services, and win or lose, copper anyway.

To reduce the risk by investing in intermediary funds, it is necessary to investigate the soundness of bottom where we invest our money and take some other precautions that you’ll explain later. Since the latter is how I invest, and which I have more knowledge, you can talk a bit more about how to reduce the risk and enjoy the excellent returns offered by these funds. The advantage of investing in Forex through intermediary funds is that you just invest your money without necessarily having any knowledge in the foreign exchange market, without having to do anything, just wait for your monthly income each month. By investing in these funds, unlike other investment options, the risk is not so much for any loss due to negative returns, the returns in these funds are generally positive, and do not vary much. The biggest risk of investing in these funds is that if a fund is not very strong, it could suddenly collapse and disappear without returning the investments of its partners. However, for the great performance they offer and how easy it is to invest in these funds, many people (including me) are willing to take that risk, but always trying to decrease considerably by taking certain precautions which I personally recommend: 1: To investigate the soundness of the company, find evidence that has been running smoothly for over a year researching where it is physically established company, find positive comments from people who take time to invest in the fund, to investigate whether they are legally registered, meet its expansion plans, etc., all we can investigate the background to know how solid is , and therefore how reliable it is. 2: Remove our initial capital as soon as possible and just keep plowing our profits, so if the company disappears and we withdraw our initial capital, the money will simply be lost revenue that we had before entering. 3: Diversifying into various funds, ie, do not spend all our money in one fund, but to invest smaller amounts in separate funds for this so if a fund gets to disappear, the losses will be lower, and the money you have in other funds will continue to generate income. These are the main recommendations that I make them new members of my network of investors, so you can decrease the risk of loss enough, and we can enjoy these excellent yields without doing practically nothing.