How to Understand Internet Commerce

Regardless of the high rates of growth of electronic commerce, we should remember that in many countries, surveys are conducted to determine Internet shopping habits, have shown that one of the biggest barriers to electronic selling, is the Buyer doubt on the safety of the introduction of network data. To solve this problem many financial institutions, many banks, and major credit card companies have launched a new flagship, the virtual credit card. What is a Virtual Credit Card? There are several features that differentiate this virtual cards from the traditional, in summary we can note: This is pre-paid cards, so the cardholder to use it, you must charge previously. The charge comes from the balance of a checking account or credit card to another a normals . When you load the card user is satisfied that the balance has been limited virtual card balance that has been incorporated, so that never, even in case of interception of data, fraudulent charges may be made, above the balance. Virtual credit cards offer the possibility to change keys at all and each of the operations performed, this aspect gives greater reliability to its owners.

The use of these cards is restricted to internet, so can only be used for purchases at e-commerce. There is a better cost control, when these cards unique to the web, and have limited willingness to preloaded balance, control over money spent on e-commerce is total. Virtual credit cards are just virtual, so that often have plastic support, the CA generates a specific account for these cards, which are controlled inputs and provisions of the final balance and transactions without need for physical media, and without the risks of loss or error. The virtual credit card to download the existing balance in a bank account associated with their use, so that buying shares finished, you can empty them to be more sure of control of their funds. Evaluation of virtual credit cards.

It should be noted that the main advantage of these cards is the generation of confidence they have on their users. But we must not forget that the major credit card companies and banks and other financial institutions that market, are incorporated into all credit cards, insurance fraud. With the use of a credit card a good company, it is sure to claim against possible vandalism carried out against it. The security system of the virtual credit card, is an embodiment more than an old system, which prevents the continued introduction of data on the Internet, for many years, the prepayment system has been being offered by companies major e-commerce, such as Paypal, which is possible to operate with the prior establishment of an account, which can be recharged without having to enter personal data in e-commerce websites. Paypal is offering, for many years, support not only to ensure the security of electronic transactions, but also about the delivery of the products offered. In any case the evaluation of this new product, virtual credit card, can not unambiguously positive, insofar as it reinforces the security of electronic transactions and generate more confidence in their use.