Gastric Bypass

Obesity has become ironically – headache for Mexico, because we have the statistical apantallante that we are the second country with more problems of overweight worldwide. In addition to overweight severely affects your health also can cause self-esteem problems because people with obesity are not satisfied with the way in how it looks and do not accept themselves. Today there are different surgeries of obesity that can eradicate the overweight by your life. See more detailed opinions by reading what Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offers on the topic.. Gastric bypass has become one of the procedures most popular when wanting to erase the overweight, it is a safe and effective surgery. Gastric bypass consists of making a small cut in the stomach creating a new space of between 10 and 30 centimeters that from surgery will be where to receive food; you have less space to fill, the patient will feel full so you eat less than before and will begin to lose weight. With gastric bypass you will be losing weight by two different reasons: the first is that the route by which food travels in your body, reduces what makes calorie absorption is reduced so you will have less calories. The second way is by what is mentioned above, will have less space to fill with food so you llenaras faster. You perform if you are still thinking whether or not obesity surgery goes with your personal physician, the you can inform about these procedures. Original author and source of the article.