Gas Price Comparison: Gaspreisentwickung In Europe

Gas zunhemend evolved into a luxury goods – which is however vital for many. An overview of the Gaspreisentwickung in Europe. Cardiologist might disagree with that approach. Luxury good heat – up and down of the European gas prices heat is expensive: it seems to be more current than existing back gas crisis in Eastern Europe, but also on gas prices in Europe at the moment not only due to the. Because they went over the past twelve months on a veritable mountain – and Valley drive. And so to the nerves of anxious families and people all over Europe.

The gas basic price of the large European metropolises of gas from Norway and Russia were once again in April of last year to around 40 percent angehobe n, these fell well at the beginning of the year again to 30 percent. In the foreground, the price rise, which burdened many stood but for now. A hefty boost that already at that time resulted in loud protest cries of countless, affected households. For consumers, there was often only the possibility of a gas price comparison (comparison of gas) in this situation the prices to compare and switch to a cheaper provider. The boost was the very high oil demand. Despite various declarations and explanations from expert fields, it was yet again called true price explosions were titled where the gas producer in Russia, as well as in Norway and the corresponding State coffers as the only winner. Explosive increases so that led to mass understanding. Increases, which still today throughout Europe, just over the last many weeks, strong went to the kidneys.

Because it is hard and bitterly cold days are behind us. Experts are even talking about the toughest and plotzlichsten winter for a long time. With a forecast of mid-December was still that this winter would be rather mild. Some were still quite skeptical and worried the snow-white bustle at the beginning due to the looming, this year’s payroll, there is now a first reason to breathe on. Because alone around 150 German gas suppliers are their prices to next month, but no later than fall in March. Although, looking back at the almost last month, slightly too late. Some Italian and Swedish gas provider moved with early January already to the Grundpreisfall. Germany is one of the countries which had the lowest increase of in basic rates in 2008 to verbussen, by the way. So we will, experts, also the country be, what is now the least will perceive the reduction. Alone in Italy the heating of households soared last year estimated by 30 percent in the amount. In the North, in Denmark and Sweden, for example, increased prices by around 45 percent. While we will have appreciated probably once to feel an increase of around 20 percent. Still worth it so probably the considerations which many households have surrendered in recent months: that to find a heating possibility of other, more stable costs and saving costs. In the medium term can be worth a gas comparison and relieve the households. Long is to find but necessary alternative to gas. Oliver Ganesh corner Channel plus Ltd.


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