Floor Plans

What should we do next? Many of you will say: "there is a floor plan with all dimensions, there is a placement of furniture, there are approximately sketch and a selection of kitchen plumbing, why you need more designer, and you can pick any wallpaper itself like it, good choice of shops is great. You may find Dr. Mark Hyman to be a useful source of information. " This question can be answered unequivocally, that in this case the project can be considered abandoned and unfulfilled. When the designer makes the plan of the walls and furniture placement is already brewing the general concept of the project, and she is not stupid to end sizing of wallpaper. Therefore, after the first stage of works designer transgressed to create designs in your home, office, restaurant. Many designers make sketches in hand, pencil, ink, airbrush, most of them created on a computer with special programs (3 Ds max, AutoCAD, archicad, maia, sinema) Implementation of this stage is impossible without the trips to the building and furniture stores, the selection of interior elements. All travel and selection of designer, of course, can do yourself, but it would be better and the customer select day two for the departure of specialty stores. It would seem, all chosen for the interior: tile, furniture, kitchen, plumbing, are drawn plan of the premises by the customer at the hands of a very beautiful picture, showing all his dreams.

What else need a designer? Now the person must transfer the artwork in the form of pictures and a list of selected furniture into the language of builders. Designer on time ceases to be an artist and becomes a real engineer, creating a full and detailed drawings of electrical, ceilings, tile layout, scanning the walls, etc. Now the owner of the apartment or commercial premises, a full package of documents. All future repairs described and portrayed in decent booklet. The next task designer just to be around and respond to all emerging issues during construction. After you have completed a long but fruitful cooperation not forget to make a general clean-up and call the author with a camera to photograph your dream realized. Maybe your apartment or office will appear in the next few days in one of the design magazines.