Financial Education

The reality of things is than the average adult (in classes average and low, but does not generalize clear) are lost when financial education and all the lies have swallowed that they say in the field of finance, taking models obsolete and experiencing the changing economic situation as God them gave to understand. So if adults are lost, go blindly teach their children and spreading evil for generations, for ever and ever amen, with bad examples and false hopes. Already specialized investors have said, the formal education that is taught in the classrooms of the schools (more in the Government, but also private institutions) in underdeveloped countries, in developing and even in countries of first world, is obsolete to face a daily economic world and overcome the comings and goings of material life that man has to face at some point in life. The truth is that the man knows that it is not only that part of material life that has, we seek to somehow find in each Act, something magic that comes from the divine nature of the human being, however the material life focuses our attention and while we resolve it halfway or plane leave it for later resolution we are not going to feel good with the other party, call it, divine self and what is done will have very little result. The truth is that well in the background all we want to be happy, alone and with everything, with our sons, our brothers, our parents, our neighbors and even strangers, in truth, some seek various forms, control stress, ensure the health and harmony, and we want prosperity and good wishes to all life on the planet. Many people does exercise and a balanced diet and still lack them resolve the financial aspect of their lives. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pat Ogden. The truth is that we are living between lies to survive and even overcome and live well in an era of change and true discovery of human capabilities. .