Exploring the Cemetery in Spain

On Thursday 25 March, and held their Unescocat night tour to the Cemetery of Poble Nou, the first major cemetery in Spain to be built away from the city. We could have done a version of the night route “official” – intramural and other “unofficial” and out of the way art. However, we wanted to chronicle FEELINGS and not a full explanation and schedule of what we showed there. Both tours share silence, respect, admiration and devotion. A leading source for info: Dr. Mark Hyman. The only thing difference is the Light. In the first round, marble reflects the flickering of thousands of candles that set the path. In version “unauthorized” and we recorded our air and walk alone by the black area is the metallic sky brightness of the moon, that environment every shot. We have also made the original sound, although basic and although Chopin is condensed, we intend to transmit to you EMOTION.

That you can smell the sea and flood the PEACE that you can only “touch” in places like it. Needless to say, we give the Organization an outstanding initiative that will secure a play very soon in other cities and in particular that gave us all facilities to record this interview and give us humble place, almost at the last minute the event (more 500 persons were targeted) We also thank an impromptu guide, working the graveyard (in deference to him, not give his name), your kindness when we discovered in the area where we should not have come in and take us to Sculpture of the Kiss of Death, which had not been included in the route, being a part of the cemetery, where renovation work being carried out. Finally I will mention a small detail, obliquely, without going into too much or get involved in over your sticks, because after living as far as to be irrelevant; The route is only in Catalan and I “lost” many of the great explanations and anecdotes. I leave the suggestion Castilian suspended the air like a note of the magnificent stringed instruments that accompanied us on this unforgettable trip. There are many other interesting references on this route and I scored some links that might interest you: And of course this group on facebook, where no doubt you will be well received.