European Football Elite

You look before the final on May 19 behind the scenes at the legendary Allianz Arena embark on interactive 360 panoramic tour of the world-famous football stadium: fans can about “Football for life” on Facebook the finalists give their advice on May 19 the Allianz Arena in Munich is the objective cream for the de la Creme of European football. Viewers from around the world will follow the final of the most prestigious Football Club Championship at all on this day. As a founding partner of the legendary arena, the Alliance offers football fans in the run-up to the biggest football night of the year exclusive insights. “Nobody knows better than the Alliance the Alliance arena and we are still proud to be the naming partner of this world-famous football stadium”, Christian Deuringer, head of global declares fire management at Allianz SE. The Alliance is one of the leading insurance and financial services of the world and is headquartered in Munich. The legendary stadium which, depending on the Club is their color for his distinctive illuminated “cushion” on the famous facade, from red to blue to white switch. In the development of the arena, the Alliance played an essential role, because their research laboratory, Center for technology (AZT) led Alliance by all fire resistance tests of the outer material. The construction of the Allianz Arena lasted three years.

Since its official opening in May 2005 nearly 15 million fans to more than 300 games come also to the opening match and the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup. 66,000 spectators were present at each of these great games. On the Internet, fans now come to pass over the “football for life” Facebook page and the page even in the stadium and is running around – no matter where in the world they are in reality. As the best players of European football, which will be the same way in less than six weeks, fans get over the 360 panoramic tour only in the locker room, then down in the players tunnel, and finally on the playing field.