EOB Club Journal

Also getting new contacts! The European open business club launches the EOB Club journal for members and other interested parties. In the European open Business Club journal successful people meet. There are personalities who increase their success through active relationship management. for-the-Treatment-of-Duchenne-Muscular-Dystrophy.html’>muscular biopsy has to say. The best and most efficient care of the relationship is the personal contact between people with decision-making power that resonate on the same shaft. The sustainable business relationship based on mutual trust. The European open Business Club makes it easy to initiate such relationships, maintain, and use.

The EOB Club journal not created by any editor, but by the members. Register yourself and send us your information to your company, present your company and your services, present your current listings and post updates from your work environment, which could be of interest to all users of the EOB Club journal. As of December 14, 2009, we want to publish the first contributions by you. I wish you much success, Toni Brauchle