Ensemble Studio

Architecture: Ensemble Studio / Anton Garcia-Abril Location: Costa da Morte, Spain Project Area: 25 sqm Project Year: 2006-2010 Photos Roland Halbe The nose is a piece of nature with her home construction the same land, filled with air. A space within a stone that sits on the ground and mixes with the territory. In the construction process itself is camouflaged, by emulating the processes of formation of minerals in its structure, is integrated with the natural environment, respecting their laws. In this construction has made a hole in the ground, accumulating in its perimeter topsoil removed, we obtained a retention dam, a kind of construction as a saddle without mechanical consistency. Then, build materialized air with a volume of bales of hay, which filled the space between earth and air was built to solidify in outline the concrete casting. The pouring of concrete wrapped air mass construction to remove soil after it is discovered that amorphous mass with the texture and irregularities inherent in this method of construction. The earth and concrete properties exchanged.

Concrete with texture and color, form and essence, and the concrete that has given the earth its strength and structure. Only had carried out the construction of a stone. After cuts have been made with construction machinery, with a stone saw, to explore and discover their core mass inside the building with straw, now compressed by hydrostatic pressure exerted by the concrete. The architecture we were surprised. Its ambiguity between the natural and built, the complex material of the same element of construction, unreinforced mass concrete, provides small architectural space at different scales.

Since the amorphous texture outside, get away with violent incision cut revealing her love of architecture and results in the fluent expression of solidification interior concrete. This dense materiality, which gives the rustic scale vertical walls, is the size of the plates, and contrasts with the continuity of the roof that evokes the sea, frozen in the doorway of the spatial structure, highlights the horizon as the only line voltage within the interior of the building. To provide the space with all the comfort and living conditions required in the architecture, we take the “Cabanon” Le Corbusier as a matter of architecture, recreating its program and dimensions. It is the “Cabanon of Beton” the reference in the nose of a pleasant place to live in nature, which has inspired us. And the lesson we learn is the uncertainty that led us in the desire to do this construction with our own hands, a piece of nature, a contemplative space, a little poem of architecture. A concrete room with the textures of the food of cows, this is something new in nature, something really big unknown is embraced rather than feared.