Do You Wonder Why You Are Not Rich?

Do you ever asked yourself this question … Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. gathered all the information. and I am not rich? Some of us have asked this question many times without finding an answer and the truth is that 90% of people do not find the answer because you do not know how to get it, just dreams and imagines that someday maybe I win the lottery millionaires while others enjoy the comfort and luxury thanks to his incredible income. I must say that getting rich is a way of life that begins to change his thinking. If you want to be rich, stop thinking like everyone else, stop acting like everyone else, stop going on holiday weekends like everyone else. Decide to change and not be influenced by what people say normal.

To begin with all the rich have a life plan! yAlguna ever made a life plan? Many people do not even know what it means to develop a life plan, but that’s OK, nobody has taught him that to be rich you must have a life plan, schools only teach math and science but not taught how to be rich. Nobody tells you you should do to get where you want but people think that those who are successful is because they are lucky or because they have been very studious, or because they are rich by birth and let me say that this is a real lie!. There are all kinds of rich, those born and those who do, those who are ruined and never emerge and also those who are ruined and rise to become even richer! The truth is that there are many people who became a millionaire starting from scratch and let me say that it is not luck and that luck does not exist! but with a good plan of action, clear ideas and a burning desire to be rich you can get.