That paragraph is as follows: during the first two months of each year, taxpayers with income equal osuperiores to two thousand seven hundred fifty-three minimum monthly wages, should presentarante the tax administration form signed by the taxpayer, your representative Legalo agent and the counter, which attaches the detail of cadauno of inventoried property and valuation of them practiced physical inventory, in magnetic media oelectronicos with specs that the tax administration has this paragraph from the article 142 has confused some taxpayers who wonder whether to take as it base the first two months of the year to determine if your company qualifies or not for this requirement, clarifying paragraph a little, this indicates that those taxable persons with incomes equal to or exceeding $571,522.80 in the year must submit the reports required in the said article. One of the referrals reports according to the article 142A must contain at least the following requirements for your presentation: 1. A header that identifies the title of the record; behalf of the taxpayer, periodoque covers, NIT and NRC; (14)2. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit John Craig Venter. Correlative operation; (14)3. Date of the transaction; (14)4. Number of proof of tax credit, credit note, note of debit, Facturade consumer end, document of excluded subject referred to in article 119 deeste code, Declaration of goods or form corresponding customs, case segunel; (14)5 Name, trade name or designation of the provider; (14)6.

Nationality of the provider; (14)7. Description of the product purchased, specifying the characteristics as permitanindividualizarlo identify them fully; (14)8 Source or reference from the book of costs of full or local purchases where film taken the cost corresponding, or where appropriate the reference sheet costs oinforme taken of where the cost of production of the units produced; (14)9 Number of units admitted; (14) 10. Number of units coming out; (14) 11. Balance in units; (14) 12. Monetary amount or cost price of units entering; (14) 13. Monetary amount or price of cost or sale, as the case of the quesalen units; and (14) 14. Monetary balance of the amount of existing units at cost price. (14) Since specified date of the movement clearly this format represents a kardex per article or per item inventory movements, which will be interesting to see the number of sheets for those taxpayers with high volumes in products or movements. Well I hope I have clarified doubts.