Dan Marius

Here, we touch the domain of amorality. 12.Un method to become amoral, where lying has its paper A mythomaniac, unconsciously blending truth and lies, is an unethical person. Assuming that evolves spiritually, we must distinguish here the following steps: a) when it becomes aware of the truth and lies outside and inside, it becomes ethical; b) when you choose to follow the truth or lies, and continues incessantly without any weakness, indifferent to the circumstances: it becomes a moral person (here, if you choose to continue the lie, the difficulty is that to become moral, must realize his lie in the material world, physical), c ) when you apply, consequently, its strength to realize what is the opposite, it becomes an amoral person (if you have previously chosen to lie, now must prove to himself and others who can pursue the truth with the same passion / will you use to pursue a lie). Therefore, the route is from “the unethical”-a “conscious”-a “ethics”-a “no circumstance”-a “morality”-a “to be consistent,” and finally “amorality.” 13. ADe true! those who are amoral are simultaneously untouchable We can judge, convict and punish a person unethical or immoral, but it may seem otherwise, is useless to try the same with an amoral person, because of that, as one, identical with the Law (universal) is not likely to be judged and therefore the condemnation and punishment are ineffective. As well as spitting at Sun, the Sun remains non-stained, too, is absurd, useless, prosecute, convict and punish what is paramount (eg.

God, the Tao, Buddha …) Assuming that we are Christians, not we must take seriously any argument for or against God, because, generally, people are fickle, depending on their interests in the affirmation and denial of the existence of God and his attributes. Just as in everyday life do not allow trial by a mentally and emotionally unstable person also must not support the view about God … Ultimately, God is always God and if anyone could depreciate, then they would not be God. (In any case, regardless if we use positive or negative words, we popularized by God.) Comparing the sun that illuminates the equatorial and polar circle is the same and it is absurd to say that the sun is stronger in one place than in another, or that there are two suns. Indeed, throughout a person’s life, we suffer divine punishment or be full of divine happiness, but to get the amorality should be noted their presence inviolate. (The author is instructor qigong / chi kung.Despues several years of learning and ensenanzaza added their experiences in the book “Qigong * traditional techniques.” Currently, retired, prepared – both for the instructors, As for students, a book dedicated to the structure of meditation.