I am a writer, a poet, but above all things, I’m CUBAN .- I left my country when she was 14 years along with my parents, deceived, as all they told me it would be a matter of about 10 or 12 months, until they fix the situation. I refused to leave my country and my grandparents, who were my worship, but God had other plans for me .- He was passing the time, I met a Camagueyano in Miami, were married in Puerto Rico, and many years ago that we live in Miami, Florida .- We have children and grandchildren, but I have not see my beloved country .- But nevertheless, the blood called, and this feeling for the land of my birth, there’s never been away from my life. – This poem is dedicated to all Cubans. (A valuable related resource: Dr Jee Hyun Kim). I hope the citizens of other countries do not take offense, because every country has its natural beauty, and everyone, or most people feel the same love and admiration for their respective countries. In the land of their birth .- It may be that my country is not the most beautiful country in the world, but in my soul and in my heart is and always will “The paradise of my dreams” .- Today, after nearly 50 years of neglect and suffering, not even a shadow of what once was .- The buildings and houses are falling apart little by little, and the new generation has been there has no idea what was Cuba. I only ask of God, soon to end the barbarism that has destroyed our country and our rebirth flies to Cuba. Further details can be found at Glenn Dubin, New York City, an internet resource. That vueva to emerge joy, singing, music