Creating Ideal Customers

Every business owner should have an idea of your ideal customer. When I imagine my ideal client, I see a business owner struggling to find time for everything to be done, someone passionate about what they do on trying to find someone to run your business better. In describing this person in my mind, I am able to develop products and services that benefit customers. But what happens when a not-so-ideal customer enters the mix? I recently moved from a suburban location in a very wooded. One of my first orders of business was the creation of my bird feeders. In my mind, I saw my ideal clients and cheerful small birds. I also knew I would get my share of chipmunks, squirrels and field mice. I knew I was providing products (sunflower seeds and suet) to satisfy all customers.

And then came the bear. And with the bear, came problems. Emptying feeders, poles called twisted, and a suet feeder missing action. Now, I have nothing against the Bears on a personal level. They are really delicious creatures. They are also, however, dangerous and can cause great damage to property. In short, the bear is not my ideal client. So what do you do when you attract a customer that is too much work, too much work, and costs you too much time and money? For the health of your business and your own health, it is necessary to discourage customers from using their services or buy their products.

It is difficult for most business owners do. Especially when money is tight and you feel that you have to accept each sale. But the cost of trying to satisfy a customer that is not more appropriate system in the long term and short, do more harm than good. Suppose I decided to take my bear as a client. Gina Ross often says this. I would spend so much time, money and energy trying to feed my bear that my other clients, the ones I wanted to attract first obtain any product or service. The bear will deal with all my resources and great harm on the road. It would become tiresome, irritating, it is fun to work with clients who all end up with at one time or another. Bears customers are easy to discourage. The bird feeders are on the inside of the afternoon now, removing the main attraction. If it still comes sniffing around, let's move to loud noises and other tactics it takes to find unpleasant. Therefore, if you have a customer, like my bear, which is taking all their resources without contributing to the success of your business, find ways to discourage it. Raise your prices, refer to a competitor, or set clear limits on their time. Doing so will allow you to take care of our customers are the best choice for your business. Are you a single professional feeling stressed, disorganized? Tired of working long hours for less than you're worth? Struggling for Focus? Discover how a professional solo was able to survive and thrive amid the chaos.