Commission Warnok

The rate of division of the embryos, according to the chronological schema of Trounson (1983) is that the Zygote at 23-36 hrs. It is bicelular, at 37-40 hrs. It has 3 cells, at 41-44 hrs. It has 4 cells, at 45-60 hrs. It has 8 cells at 100 pm. (Similarly see: cardiologist). You have so many cells that resembles a mora by what is called morulae, in this stadium reaches the uterine cavity.

5-6 Days, with little more than 100 cells it is fixed in the endometrium. At 7-8 day with 15 mm. Length emits a chemical message (HCG) that force wing mother to retain it, 8-13 day form the germinative disc. Until this day is called pre embryo, term coined by the Ethics Committee of the society of fertility (AFS) enabling him to the Senate through the Commission Warnok – authorize experimental studies without any moral shame, because until this day the cells are potential and divisible, but always unique toti. At 15 day appears to the rib or primitive streak, to the 23 days finished weaving your network of internal vessels and his heart tube and begins to beat the (perceptible with Ionic detector) heart, few days later these beats are already visible by ultrasonography.

A month the embryo has already masked minutely its upper and lower limbs, when it comes to the two months the fetus measured 13cm (from head to hips), has fully human form, has a head, arms, fingers and not only are fingers if not up to having strokes of the hand, that the Gypsies of the Jr. Gamarra of Trujillothey could read the future and tell the fortune teller. Between 2.5 and 3 months appear fingerprints are already identified are tiny but if you could take a photo and enlarge it perfectly we would get their traces which could even have its electoral book and passport. When the fetus is already 3 months is much more grande that it fits into the hollow of the hand, if they caress the upper lip with a thread would make a grimace, is capable of closing and opening the eyes, cerras cuffs, extending and flexing Member, arching the back, open and close its mouth; They swallow large amount of amniotic (this shown which is sweet) to the faith cough much like and drink continuously; some with very gluttons and do so in a hurry, so in a hurry then having hiccups (before believed they were seizures) and the mothers perceive this sudden movement.


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