Collagen Use

Collagen is a protein and the main organic constituent of connective tissue and the organic substance of bone and cartilage. Constitutes about one third of all protein in the body. The process of aging and wrinkles skin, dry skin make her look, lack of elasticity and thin. Elastin is another protein of connective tissue and also present in the dermis of the skin. The degeneration of collagen, elastin la also involves the grid (which is another protein) and many other components of this tissue as mucopolysaccharides.

Recent studies indicate that the application of collagen to the skin, helps restore the degeneration of this tissue, stimulating new collagen production and regeneration of cells. Collagen is absorbed really have to have a pH 3.7 to 6. May be prepared in cream that are heated oils in water not more than 35 degrees. Creams on the market that say Soluble College, are the only ones that are effective and truly absorbed. The humectant attracts moisture and controls the exchange of moisture between the skin t environment can also release the moisture out of the skin in a more controlled. The sorbital is a natural moisturizer.

The softening emollient, prevents drying and protects the skin by acting as a natural barrier. Some are natural emollient avocado oil, lanolin, coconut oil and the idea of olive oil. Natural fatty acids (omega3 and omega 6), play an important role in maintaining healthy skin. The skin is deficient in essential fatty acids, has a reduced ability to retain moisture, dries out more easily and its deficiency is a major factor in hair loss. Be cautious: “a a cosmetic never use or share provided. -a a Use disposable applications. Whenever possible, when you put makeup.