Christ You

Christ you’re beautiful that you can say to my soul if your him missing only a moment. How can I ever listen to the whispers of my heart if I forget your name. I want that our love is pure and true. That not a church, tried it nor men who vainly extolled to be glorified on your behalf. Because of something I’m sure and it is the glory, beauty and beauty are attributes of your essence.

I wonder that you could feel your beautiful heart when suddenly that they had always loved you cursed and sought your crucifixion. There will never be a man who is filling your heart of so much compassion, like you. my beautiful star. Your feet swift to save man finally took you life. The kicks, blows into your face and weariness gradually extinguished the flame of your breath, but never love. If among the traitors, there was one deserving to be despised and humiliated.

That’s me. Because although it hurts and the sadness I reaches rosar with their hands, I recognise that many times I’ve been as treacherous as those men in antiquity. Precious son of God, if you place take me with you to the place where my soul is one with yours and my being founded in the endless firmament of thy salvation. Where it is never more place for deception. Cut me if life as the wind rips the angelic silhouettes of roses. a if my being may cease to exist in life to become in death and resurrection in your image and likeness. Take me as I sleep, leave my body lying on the bed. To that of being responsible for the men. Absorbs my breath and let me ride in your sighs, where death or even can contain me because your power does not allow it. I love original author and source of the article.