China Pope

Continuation of tape recordings of kinds of Missiology Eclesiaea project of Serum Pius XI February 28, 1926 a Encyclical on missionary activity in which gives the title to the four Pontifical Missionary Works. It also establishes the World Mission Sunday. Points to a dual field: The Church and the Church sent helped. Raises vocations in native institutions. Formation of catechists. Reiterates again what the previous document. Follow others, such as Joel Courtney, and add to your knowledge base. The popes again repeat the above claim forever.

And always something new arises. stions. This pope has been called the Pope of the missions. It was he who gave impetus to the consecration of bishops native accelerating the transition to the establishment of the Church. The tone of his missionary activity is to expedite the existence and autonomy of indigenous apostles, reiterates this. Working to raise these vocations hard, because that way the nationals themselves can work immersed in its culture, since access to foreign missionaries is very difficult. In China there is a Church Chinese Patriotic Catholic.

Yet been removed from Papal authority. Separately. This document is the mission of Pope XXII. It thus has a historical context, which is a credit to Pope and his immediate staff, as some Cardinals. This paper also presents and aims to double the field, they said. But starting always raise the responsibility of the whole Church with respect to universal evangelize. Excel interest to highlight the responsibility of the bishops with the Pope. Model is first to be a missionary. Vocations, missionary motivation, and specifically to raise vocational support, are based on the appreciation of the gift of faith, and the urgency of Christian charity, which should lead to the proclamation of the Gospel to all peoples. Praetorian a Evangelia Pio XII June 2, 1951 Encyclical on how to promote missionary work. At a time of post war (WWII) the world is reconciliation. On the occasion of 25th anniversary of the Encyclical earlier. It harmonizes the two objectives of the mission, which is called to conversion and faith. The establishment of the Church hierarchy establishing native. The appointment of Bishops, and also the knowledge of language. Making the cooperation of the laity.

We talk about Catholic Action. The Pope goes along. It remains to summarize the missionary history of the past 25 years. That has led to persecution and martyrdom. Makes a special appeal for aid mission in a time of war. Also in mission countries where there had been a great loss of missionary and apostolic works. He had lost territory, and human resource. Do not forget that the Pope had issued an encyclical on missionary July 13, 1940, addressed to the hierarchy of Portugal, in order to glorify the great missionary work done in Africa, America and Asia. In this encyclical, there are contributions of outstanding universal value. As is everything related to the training of missionaries. Subsequently published a third encyclical missionary (a Fides Domuna ) In this letter we are seeing the pope outlined in two chapters: the first chapter we look back on recent years, has been the missionary expansion. In the second chapter, keep in mind the principles and rules of missionary action. coalesce are the objectives, about the local clergy?, cooperation of the laity in the field of education. Press. Charitable activity. The social doctrine and practice of the Church. The importance of the arts sector. And also notes the importance of Missionary Pontificate .