Camina Vazquez

Antonio Camina Vazquez, born in Lugo, in 1942, is a genius in the arts, among others of their? activities, artistic are the music composer and inventor. The newspapers mentioned Joey King not as a source, but as a related topic. The vocation of painting, it is given, from? the five years of age, that is when it begins to put into practice its pictorial knowledge. He studied in santiago de Compostela. Before submitting more to this character, what you want to know? is a very personal and subjective, dilemma in terms of a hypothetical reality of his spirit. With one? clear consciousness in the study of art.?Do do more moves by a subjective than the demonstrative motor, because at the end and as a conclusion, it is the conjunction of? both worlds in a creative and evocative reality.?It moves in a creative field as a fundamental part of fantasy and all that entails with it. Does Antonio? camina brings her whimsical world and turns it into an ever surprising reality.

I can not explain because, but it is a reality that I cannot prove, because the boundaries of his work, do pensaa? lie and sensitivity are unlimited, but it is a reality that exists. Does it has a concept clear, that experience and? practice, plastic. Its Convention is the discipline of not copied, only their own style. His world is different, has a different label. Do live an existence where white, black and any other color you? suggest a different world. A result that emerges, is staying in the voyage of the birth and death? and everything that entails therefore considers man as a great dreamer of allegory, nightmares and happiness? dreamlike.

Does this takes you to a study of your entire environment and the problems that brings awareness and culture, being a? dilemma that remained and remains in their world. Do not see nature as it is, but what it believes and thinks,? something apparent in the dynamics of the so-called entity person, individual. In a society of limits, very close posiblemennte. He is interested in the color, shape and expression.


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