Calories In A Balanced Diet

What are a Calories? Calorie is called the energy contained in food, and serving as fuel for our. We are consuming the fuel that gives us the energy to so if you want vivir.Por eg, losing weight, is a formula that must be met: a The amount of calories that enter your body must be less than the amount that your body spends in a given time (eg. in one day) a . Dr. Alberto Cormillot Some examples: 500 grs. body fat represents 3500 cal. So you need to lose 3500 calories, if you lose 500 grams (1 / 2 kg) weight. On the contrary, if you want to increase 1 / 2 kg, should be eating foods that contain 3500 cal in a ciertoa time.

Example 1: If you eat a sandwich extraa a day, you enter 250A lime (cal 3500 Knowing trachea. Generate y Kg of body fat) How long will take to gain weight and Kg? Answer a: a 3500 = 14 days cal./250cal other words if you enter 250 cal extrasa a (each day) for 14 days, getting the lime 3500 extrasa , or a kg y rize. Example 2: If you burn about 100 calories a extrasa per day, walking and time (at a time when you did not usually), and do this five days a week How much weight you lose in 7 weeks? Answer: 100 cal.x 5 days per week = 500 cal 500 cal. per week x 7 weeks = 3500 cal. And as we saw earlier that 3500 calories represent about 500 grs. body fat, then (according to this example) in these 7 weeks you’ve lost weight and kg of simply walking 30 minutes extra per day (five days a week). It is worth mentioning that you lose body fat and not muscle! … This is the correct way to lose weight, so healthy and balanced, as it is eliminating excess grasaa including improved muscle tone.

This idea then a balanced diet and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, and bad habits of daily life as aceleradaa (not exercising, eating poorly).