Buy Leather Rings

Here we offer a guide to buy leather rings, it will know where come from rings of leather, that are made of rings and different types of rings of leather that exist. Although surely they already existed in ancient civilizations leather rings, has not been until relatively recently that they have begun to market on a regular basis. Currently leather rings have become a natural product to carry daily and allows you to combine perfectly with the clothing. Quality leather rings, are made mostly with Italian leather. Italian leather is characterised by the delicate process of tanning that is made in the skin to achieve a supreme quality leather.

There are different types of shapes (flat leather, round leather) and colors (almost all the range of colors is available in leather, depending on the applied dye) within the leather. Many leather rings also contain and combine other materials in addition to the leather to make more original, modern and beautiful pieces. With This range of materials have different possibilities to buy rings of leather: leather or silver rings. Silver is used as trim and lace up leather ring. Leather rings and pearls. With natural pearls as the basis for the piece. Rings of leather and hawser. With a hawser in silver as a union of the ring.

Flat leather and swarovski rings. Different colors with the flat leather as its main characteristic. Also adorned with colored Swarovski Crystal. Round leather and swarovski rings. Different colors with leather this time in round shape. Also adorned with colored Swarovski Crystal. Leather rings and stones. With different types of stones in the ornaments. Rings of leather and currency. Coin of silver as the main ornament. To check the extent of a ring in your hand, you can do the following: take a Ribbon or strip of paper of about 8 cm long and 1 cm. wide. Turn it around the finger in place that would go the ring. Not much tightening, there are parts of the finger that may be slightly wider. Mark with a pen the place where the bar closes. With a ruler measure the distance between the edge of the slat and the pen mark. Keep in mind that the measure could vary depending on the temperature, so it is recommended to take the measurement at a temperature of about 25c. It is the measure of your ring in the following table: correspondences with carvings are as follows: size length/perimeter 10 50 mm 12 52 mm 14 54 mm 16 56 mm 18 58 mm 20 60 mm 22 62 mm if you want to buy leather, Royo Nati rings are manufacturers, with exclusive designs our products are original and quality. The manufacturing process is itself, for this reason in Royo Nati gets offer the best prices in relation to the quality of their products. We hope that this article has helped you to know a little more in detail the process to buy leather rings. Original author and source of the article