Imagine, you wake up one morning, check your e-mail and is full of orders and notices of remittances from all over the world, this is a reality and that automating a business can make money even while you sleep. But vast dreaming, let’s see how to make this dream a reality. To make a sale in a traditional business requires: That one or more persons attend to a customer letting them know the benefits, features and product benefits. Abraham Maslow shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 1&’>Bogota food would likely agree. When the customer decides to purchase the product must charge someone, right? Finally, the product delivers. OK, now we see how I could do all this work your Web site. FIRST: Your website has information on the product you are offering, that’s obvious, then we could say that serving the customer with information and detailed indeed but despite this information some people send him an e-mail with questions about the product when a business is running you can get 100 and up to 200 messages with questions and concerns, then you would have to meet all and that it would take several hours and the worst is that most of these questions are similar, for example, how will I receive the product? How is the payment? Etc..