Business Leadership

Mario Morales, gives us the importance that this very clear in what represents the organizational culture and context, reminds us that organizational culture is a system of values, beliefs and behaviors that are consolidated and shared in the daily passing of the company. Official site: Peter A. Levine PhD. The leadership style of management, standards, procedures, means they use, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of people within the organization, set up the elements that make up the culture of a company. Hence the importance of being careful in how the company has sold building, how was your behavior has been achieved with it, where they have been obstacles, conflicts, as well as determine where their expressed their strengths, their weaknesses and has been done about them.

Therefore always be a responsibility of management to be vigilant in what way its management, integration with work equipment is cohesive, innovative, creative, functional, generating actions that lead to positive behavior, where the organizational climate and organizational culture shows obvious commitment, performance, productivity in all that is intended to achieve. Also reminds us that corporate culture means the system of conduct, rituals and shared intentions is proper staff of a company that distinguish the group or organization of other similar entities. Each company through its operations, results, roles to play, commitment, knowledge, which has been shown how to perform, interpret the management of its leadership and how this has given way to integrate the groups, their commitment in the performance of its functions, its achievements, its scope, its rituals to operate..