In this environment, the greatest fear is that the concept of the value of the brand, which is defined as the consumer to an established brand loyalty is leaving have importance. One of the biggest challenges for marketing professionals is to understand how to build this elusive concept of the value of their brands. The companies are not masters of their brands. Consumers are those who think that they are the true owners of the marks. Improve a brand value always depends on enhance such value in the minds of consumers of that brand. The value of the brand is composed of loyalty of attitude and conduct loyalty.

carpets the loyalty of attitude reflects how the consumer feels and thinks about the product or service, and that proportion of his heart and his mind gives it to those marks. Conduct loyalty refers to the action about what people do with their money and proportion of purchases that give the product. Marketing professionals want and need both types of loyalty. The two types of loyalty differ according to interpersonal relationships. A high level of loyalty of attitude and conduct, shows an ideal combination, something that any company would like to have with your customers. The fear is that low levels of loyalty of attitude and conduct are becoming increasingly common and that relations between companies and their customers are becoming more and more impersonal and distant. Consumers improve their quality of life, the brands become a dominant factor in the consumer decision-making process. Original author and source of the article