As Creating A Blog Started

Create a blog, is now easier than ever, since there are several companies that allow you to create many blogs you want, free of charge, and in a way so simple that almost anyone with knowledge very basic computing and internet can be done in a few minutes. There are several companies that offer this free service, but the best known are mainly the following 2: 1: Blogger (): this is the blog of Google service, is very easy to use and they can stay very good blogs, but something basic with its limitations, but to start can be a good option. The domains of these blogs have the following format:. 2: WordPress (): this is which I personally consider as the best, since there are so many plugins and themes to install him, has many possibilities of configuration and in addition you have the possibility to install your blogs on your own host and domain, this option is the one that I use on my blog, and seems excellent to me, although if you don’t want to spend on your own host and domainYou can also create your blog in the same WordPress server, and your domain would be:. Install WordPress on your own host, the more advisable is to hire a service that the WordPress Installer, has included in page you can find some excellent hosting services options, although I recommend justhost much, since you can pay multiple years in a single payment and you get much cheaper than in other services, at 3.45 dollars per monthwith free domain included, besides in several rankings this considered as the number one, since it is of the most complete, and pays you $60 for each referral that you get, so if you’re interested, join the following link: JUSTHOST (click here). If you are interested in some other tools for marketing on the internet, in addition to the host, as an autoresponder, etc.