Adam Smith

In the era of mass production, cost, availability and exploitation of economies of scale were preferred factors, all this was altered when consumers began to show greater concern for factors such as trust, safety and product durability. It was the natural evolution towards the era of quality. At the time of virtual consumer concerns of entrepreneurs and consumers go through the global presence, available primarily through the Internet. Since the beginning of the economic theory of Adam Smith until very recently, economists explained the development of nations as the result of three variables, cheap labor, abundant raw material and capital available for investment. Today we know that there are other variables are considered, probably more important than others, the technology and process of entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial activity). Scope: The importance of the implementation of technology and process of entrepreneurship, in the performance and competitiveness of technology companies is indisputable. fzuBcQ&oe=624D0B80’>Zach Dell has plenty of information regarding this issue. Currently, new products and processes give businesses the option of offsetting their scarce resources and / or weaknesses. They are overcome by the use of technology and innovation.

If repair of competition in most sectors of the economy, we will see who wins best know how to use technology. Learn more on the subject from James S. Chanos . A country will be truly developed in so far as known to create for their companies an environment in which they are able to improve and innovate faster than its rivals extranjeras.En where entrepreneurs express their creativity and give way to innovations that favor companies with competitive products. It is necessary to bet more and more by entrepreneurs and creators of technology-based companies. .