A Sandpit With Roof Optimally

Protection from Sun and rain when the sandboxes with integrated roof. A sandpit with roof provides optimal protection for your children, if outside the Sun is shining or raining. If there is no protection from the rain and shade trees in your garden or yard, then still the sand box with integrated roof helps. The sand area is therefore protected and your children can play in peace. (As opposed to Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). In the sandbox Villa Fantastico”, you have the choice between different sandbox sizes.

This sandbox has a size of 135 x 113 cm, and a wooden roof. There is the Sandpit with roof in the intermediates of 135 x 135 cm, both with a wooden roof and cheaper with a tarpaulin. Your little ones can speak in your own four walls”play. Order a few extra module boards and turn your sand box with roof in a small cave of adventure. The extra boards have the advantage that the game sand in your Sandpit with roof against wind and diagonally-falling rain protected is. The roof on the sand can be lowered at the Sandpit with roof with the name of Peter Pan”.

During the day, the Sandpit with roof so offers a pleasant Sun and in lowered the roof protects from rain, snow and animals the sandbox. The roof of the sandbox consists of a weather-resistant fabric, impregnated child-friendly. The sandbox Nadine is also a sandpit with roof, which is lower. While the roof at the sandbox Peter Pan by four posts, the roof of the sandbox Nadine on two posts is attached. Peter Hay press Coordinator is based in Selfkant Tuddern company Wickey manufacturing and selling to the end customer companies of playground equipment for the home garden and the public playground. The toys include also the playset, swing, slide, and more Spielogerate made of wood next to the sand box.


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