Your Eyes

Your eyes … Dr. Mark Hyman is likely to agree. Seated in a chair in my room. Alone. I started to relembrar what I thought on your eyes Similar the two columns of the Celestial Temple, thus are your beautiful eyes, Had fascinated me, captivated me The surplus that encircles your eyelids discloses the clarity of your fancies. Each eyelash is as the end of the one wing fnix. It has in them a flame that arde and burns until the last wire of hair of my chest.

suddenly, as the sea that bathes beaches Caribbean, your look becomes aggressive, however not violent. It starts to intensely beat in the walls of my heart, showing who is the owner of my desires. … My imagination started to remake my closer desires of long ago It has! As he would be pleasant to be able to see them every day, to the dawn, to the dusk I remember of when looked at you me, fixed, she made me to estremecer of passion and deliriums I remember of when closed you them, exactly that she was for as, you were as if the light of my life left to exist. I remember when you them it hid of mine, was as if my body lost the direction of your lips. … Was at this moment that I reflected on the reality Moan, moan every day where still I breathe, for the lack that to your makes me affections Today, eye to my redor searching your eyes Not! I do not see more to them! That brightness not more left that me alucinado of love exists. It was erased! I was extinguished! … And what it remained? The emptiness.