Unusual Gift Ideas

Your own canvas to create collage photos from your last vacation are all still on the camera’s memory card? Or maybe even now in a folder on your computer? Unfortunately they there not really come into its own, your friends and family can not admire. Your best photos a wonderful canvas collage put together and let them move on a screen in the right light. This is quite simple and not time-consuming at all. All you have to do is your images on our site to upload. No matter how big your screen is to be we have a good selection of sizes and also the printing options of screens, sure you will quickly find your matching canvas.

In addition to the various screen sizes, there are also different types of stress. Your collage can be made either with photos that overlap, or with a kind of frame, this is taken and all others previously arranged a photo as the background. Both of these options look wonderful and bring out your photos perfectly. No matter which option you choose, simply upload your photos, choose the number of photos used for your collage and already from our designers will create a unique collage. Of which you will receive a draft, if like this and you confirm it, your canvas production starts with photo collage. On request text can be added to also like collage. Let out your most beautiful holiday memories personal screens with collages emerge and famous your whole family and friends.


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