Transfer Mercedes PowerShift

New Mercedes-Benz Actros for the construction industry – world premiere at the IAA 2008 fair. Just as the truck Mercedes-Benz Actros – one of the followers of world-class long-distance trucks in Europe, a new generation Actros occupies the same position in construction sector. Already known as a great workhorse truck Mercedes Actros can now blestnut several dozen new features and improvements. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of cardiologist on most websites. The new Actros is the brainchild of numerous additional characteristics that enable it to cope with difficult conditions on the construction site. This saves on expensive repairs. The new construction Actros example, there are four millimeter stainless steel plates, that protects the radiator and engine against damage.

Another common feature – an improved entrance, which is resistant to corrosion and may even be adakptirovan to previous models. Other practical features include protected exterior mirrors, which are scratch-resistant plastic. Grilles lights are also new: they are made of steel and effectively protect the lens from damage. Fuel tank, one of the most vulnerable parts truck, now protected at the bottom of the plate. The new Actros has numerous innovative features such as ergonomically designed cab. This – the first construction truck with a battery status display, a rain sensor and light sensor, it also features numerous other chips for greater driver comfort. Another very important feature of the construction truck – railings, which are now going through the roof of the cab for greater safety and comfort. Mark Hyman, MD might disagree with that approach.

New Mercedes PowerShift automatic transmission is perfectly suited for off-road. Automated Transfer Mercedes PowerShift is now available for Actros in a modified configuration with different, specific to the model functions. Transmission with fast, accurate switching is very important at the construction site as a quick time changes and, accordingly, short interruptions in tractive power prevent a truck was bogged down in difficult soil, or from falling speed on steep mountain climbs. Modification of OM 501 LA and OM 502 LA engine installed on the new Actros. This range consists of six 11.9-liter V6-engines developing from 235 kW (320 hp) to 350 kW (476 hp) and three 15.9 liter V8-engine from 375 kW (510 hp) to 440 kW (598 hp). These motors are particularly economical and environmentally friendly BlueTec technology and proved its worth in the hundreds of thousands of vehicles. Compatibility to be installed on Chassis Body – the main criterion for selection of a goods vehicle as the body of a special-purpose use most often. The new Actros is ideally suited this requirement, for example by adjustable exhaust pipe behind the cab, its height can be quickly and easily adapted to suit the relevant body of the truck. The pipe consists of a terminal section and the intermediate section with two clamps made of stainless steel, and can be extended to a height of four meters. Thus, Mercedes again sets high bar for other manufacturers of trucks, releasing a new Actros – a convenient, reliable, multifunctional.