Andrea Weiler, biologist, researcher and professor of the School of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, National University of Asuncion (Paraguay), where I practice I also teach in the Chair Anthropology, I commented on a research on frogs, in which he was involved with other researchers, and it was then that I proposed writing about the frogs in the tradition Paraguayan Guarani and that is, refer to the design popular, not scientific, that people have of these peculiar, mysterious and magical animals. He began this adventure that will immediately turn to expose. Toad, according to the dictionary Espasa, is the common name for numerous species of frogs toads family.

Their bodies are plump, bulging eyes, short limbs and warty skin and mucous glands provided grainy, which secrete acres and irritating substances, often poisonous. They live in warm-temperate areas of the world. Some varieties of toad are the common toad, whose scientific name is Bufo bufo, and is one who during the mating season gathers in groups around the water. It is the largest species in Europe. Then there is the natterjack toad, whose scientific name is Bufo calamita, and is small, olive-colored and with a clear line on the back. He lives in western Europe. Finally, is the midwife toad, whose scientific name is Alytes obstetricans, and is characterized by the male carries the eggs between the hind legs until the birth of the tadpoles.