The Municipality Of The Future

2012 The phase-out of nuclear energy, RENEXPO informed local energy issues and thus initiated energy transformation to full supply from renewable sources, as well as climate change are complex challenges that can together deal with numerous actors. Cities and towns are in this context for many years and last but not least count due to their experience to the most important assets, when it comes to reshape energy sustainable and just future. Nationwide, the municipalities already occupy a key role in the mediation and implementation of climate-relevant knowledge. This is worthwhile, because climate change is an increasingly important location factor and contributes enormously to the image enhancement of a region. 13. Renewable energy in local energy supply already play an important role. With them a broad supply security, independence, price stability, and a great image enhancement while improving can be Achieve CO2 balance. Many local government decision makers want to make our own contribution to a sustainable energy supply and promote ambitious energy projects.