The Health

According to the reading, politically, migrants are still linked to their communities and seek, more than anything, his progress. With regard to public services, migrants have managed to gain access to most of the services with the exception of the health. Without however, it is not surprising that the migrants do not have access to health when neither the same Americans have them; It is well known that U.S. health service is pretty poor. Regarding naturalization, there is some reluctance towards it due to cultural factors which we will see later.

For those who if they wish to become naturalized two frequently used forms are: through family members (usually children) or registration for military service. In relation to sociocultural factors, migrants still have an attachment towards their strong motherland, the which is reflected in its lifestyle, language and cultural expressions. The communities of migrants in the U.S. tend to be very attached to the uses and customs of ancient Mexico. Communities are nationalist, in a kind of fictional Mexico, which combines indigenous roots, represented in various forms of cultural and artistic expressions used in these areas, with a progressive vision of the future. Migrants are very attached to the usages and customs Mexican unfortunately included corruption, abuse, violence and dirt-, but with a mink from a future of improvement and overcoming. In terms of cultural and artistic expressions mentioned, highlighted the painted murals in the fences and own shops and other folklore posts commercial that exist in these urban areas. In conclusion, economically, migrants have improved their situation gradually, although still a long reach to other ethnic groups.

In the same way, the dependence on migrant labor U.S. economy will increase with the passage of time. In relation to politics, it seems that migrants will continue staying apart from it. Finally, in the socio-cultural issue, migrants are still attached to their nationality, but have started to make an own cultural mix; in which posen a strong roots by their roots but with a positive vision of the future. In my opinion, I think that migrants are in a favourable position, especially if taken as soon as the current Mexican situation, however to be able to move forward need to join American society more and more adapted to their culture in such way that successfully overcome all the prejudices that are against them. Finally, it is necessary that migrants society understands the important role that they play in American society and begin to exploit it.