The Flowchart

With the treatment centered in the city of Porto Velho, the problems if aggravate, therefore it offers is not enough for as much search. The lack of centers specialized in the State generates the supercapacity and even though queue for accomplishment of examinations, harming the population. Another problem is the lack of professionals of the area. It neglects it to of doctors who leave to make the auto examination, leaving this task for the nurses. The incorrect fulfilling of the request of the mamografia, also if evidences, therefore it makes it difficult the performance of the State, since the forms go to generate important information for the constatao of the situation of the health publish of Rondnia. This because the system that the responsible agencies used changed the two years almost, having that the Hospitals, UBS and professionals of the area if to enable and to enter in agreement its. The Flowchart of attendance the woman functions of the following form: In the Basic Unit of Health, the professional identifies to which mamografia the patient must make, if she is of Tracking or Disgnostic.

With the form of solicitation of the mamografia the patient is directed for the capital or city that possesss a radiological unit, the information in such a way of the requisitante unit how much of the radiological unit they will be typed and envoy to the responsible agency for its analysis. This system was instituted by the Health department for monitoriamente of the actions of precocious detention of the breast cancer (779/SAS Would carry n, December of 2008). The system is called System Informao Ambulatorial (SIA) /SUS and the SISMAMA is the subsystem of information of this, specifies for the monitoramento of the Cancer of Breast. According to INCA, the System is composed for the module of the lender of service, used for the services of mammary radiology and pathology for I register in cadastre of the examinations, emission of findings and evaluation of performance of the services; for the module of coordination, used for the managers state, regional and municipal for management of the actions of precocious detention of the cancer of breast and pursuing of the women with modified examinations.