The Disease

Moreover, Buddhism gives us extraordinary teachings on suffering, reminds us, that the ultimate goal of a Buddhist must end the suffering reaching Nirvana. In the four noble truths States: suffering exists – all those who live are filled with suffering. There is a reason for suffering – suffering comes from a desire for material things. There is a way to end the suffering – suffering ceases when one exceeds longing selfishness. The way to end suffering is the path – one can learn to end desire following eight orders Buddha concerning suffering noted: birth is suffering, aging is suffering, illness is suffering, death is suffering, associated with what you don’t want is suffering, separated from what you want is suffering, not achieving what you want is suffering. In short, the five aggregates of adhesion are suffering. The birth is defined in Buddhism as the first moment in a particular stock.

In the case of the human trafficking is the moment of conception. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Birth is suffering because it is the basis of everything that inevitably follows: old age, disease and death. In accordance with the doctrine of the conditioned origin (paticca-samuppada), conditioned by birth happen to old age and death, the penalty, lament, pain, grief and despair. That old age is suffering is not hard to understand. As we age our faculties they decline, we are more prone to disease, less independent, etc.

The disease is suffering. Some contend that Academy of Art University shows great expertise in this. When we get sick we experience bodily sensations of unpleasant and as a result also sometimes mental suffering in the form of depression, etc. And die is suffering. Buddha also said that associated with what you don’t want is suffering, associated with people or things that are unpleasant to us. Separate from what you want is suffering; separate us from what we own things or beings, separate us from our loved ones, family, friends, beings temporarily or permanently is suffering.