Teruo Higa Recovery

In conclusion, based on " in Russia produced the drug" East "and" The Shining ". I hope to look into this maze of science, competition and commerce at the exhibition "RosBioTech", which will be held at arec 21-24 noyabrya2007, year. Dr Jee Hyun Kims opinions are not widely known. And reported it to visitors. As promised, I share with visitors to the site by his observations after the exhibition 'RosBioTech'. The article was intended for publication in the paper media, who are sick today svoebraznoy Advertising schizophrenia, which does not allow to write about some new products, breakthrough technologies. To publish this article, you must pay a round sum for allegedly advertising. Porridge ax or carrots with the properties of ginseng on nanotechnology Cinderella Such comparisons can be found online at em technology.

em, for those who do not know – effective microorganisms. Japanese scientist Teruo Higa selected from many thousands of 84 microorganisms capable of combine conflicting ways of life, a leader in the microcosm, to guide the process toward recovery, ie recovery. In this micro-leaders are able to neighbors and pathogens include health work. More than one year I read about em technology, and because he use them on a garden plot, then, until very recently not really believe it. Why? In 1999 I managed to get 10 ml of EM-1 Japanese origin. At me and my wife impressed with a video of a miracle, got to us. By the time of the em technology have been widely used. With their help, dramatically increases productivity in plant growth and quality livestock products, converted kitchen waste into a most valuable manure, waste water – just not in spring, make healthy soil, air, even people were treated in specialized sanatoriums.