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Olympic Games

It so happened that 14 billion years ago from a superdense point of the Big Bang the universe originated. Matter began to expand, and after only 200 million years here and there glowed variegated star. One of the smaller stars, later called the Sun warmed the planet Earth, which in effect sets obstoyateslstv originated form of life known to us – the protein. Any life, a protein, in particular, is a continuous and brutal contest, a struggle for survival. In this struggle must defeat the strongest, otherwise survival will be replaced extinction. Likewise, the sport involves a permanent triumph of the most trained athletes.

Once there was life, boldly it was possible to predict that sooner or later prevail most peaceful form of competition – sports, and with it, of course, start to develop sports shoes, sportswear and sports equipment. Gifted reason humanity has not learned how to immediately use this gift to enhance humanity and goodness. Perhaps check out Somatic Experiencing for more information. Most of the stories people strained gyrus mainly in order to destroy their own kind, and seize their property. No war subside until now Although the ancient Greeks invented them completely adequate substitute for – sport, provides an outlet not only for aggressive energy, but also creative. It is no accident during the Olympic Games in ancient Hellas were truce between the warring parties. There were only sorevnovateli, trying to win not by destroying their opponents, but by achieving the best sports results. Sports such as boxing, wrestling and other martial arts allow even a considerable danger to the life of athletes and often ended in death in ancient times one of the fighters.

Such an outcome bout time got less and less support and was eventually excluded due to humane rules and protective equipment: for example, boxing gloves and boxing helmets for two centuries more and more effectively protect athletes from injury. Sport on Earth develops towards the final victory over the war, carrying nothing but death and destruction. ‘Oh, sport! You – the world! ” – Not pathetic, and the direction of the main attack in the battle against the war. Deadly feud turned into a passionate rivalry. There is, however, the threat that competition between manufacturers of sports equipment will result in a war against human health. For example, increasing the thickness of the midsole under the heel, the developers of sports shoes already traumatized millions of people. Professional Runners know that land should be on the toes of the foot and never fully straighten his feet. For them – for professionals – is available varied jogging shoes, running technique and takes into account the peculiarities of pronation of the foot.