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Mexico Health

Economic capacity helps to maintain a State of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease, as the World Health Organization (who) defines health. However, it does not guarantee it. Others including Dr. Mark Hyman, offer their opinions as well. Many rich countries attend the collapse of their healthcare systems, exponentially increasing before the progressive aging of society, the emergence of new diseases and the application of the medicine reductionist. People leave your health in the hands of medical specialists, drugs whose side effects are often ignored and diets and miracle treatments which are proliferating with the marketing. This conception of health generates health care costs that endanger public health, especially in times of crisis such as that now lives. Neoliberal approaches use the collapse of health to implement massive health systems privatizations.

This model would leave most exposed citizens obsessed by what is now understood by health. A general State of well-being cannot be achieved if the symptoms of a disease stand. But relieve them not produced in that State. Sometimes, the disappearance of a symptom-based drugs creates other organic imbalances that bring new diseases, caused by self-medication without responsibility on many occasions. Aware of the side effects of certain drugs help to consume drugs in a responsible manner.

An informed patient will be less susceptible to abusive self-medication, boosted by strong advertising campaigns. Sometimes own drugs include fine print these effects, as in the case of a medicinal product manufactured in Mexico for relieving headaches and Migraines indicating the possibility to cause irreparable damage to the liver in case of abuse. On other occasions, the abuse of drugs is induced by medical, phenomenon known as iatrogenesis, (Greek iatros: doctor and genea: origin). Organizations such as Consumers International have denounced collusion between pharmaceutical companies and health services to increase consumption of certain drugs. Deemed iatrogenic from mobility limited by a bad operation until paralysis by a nerve injury during surgery, passing by the pharmacological intoxication.