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Feng Shui Guidance Bedroom

In our time, has become a very popular hobby of feng shui, to furniture, it is highly relevant, because if you place the furniture in the house is correct, then the energy will circulate correctly in your dwelling. As a result, You'll be a great feeling. The most important place in the house – it's a bedroom, where we spend most of his life, that's about you and we want to tell. How did her best to arrange and make it more attractive for recreation? The energy in the bedroom should rotate particularly beneficial, because when we sleep, it is completely unprotected and are influenced by energy flows. The important point is the location of mirrors and other reflective objects in front of the bed, that is, they must be placed so that the bed with sleeping people could not be reflected in the mirrors. The meaning here is that the mirror – this is the entrance to the other worlds, and the sleeping person which is reflected in mirrors, thereby exposing yourself to the evil spirits from other worlds.

Mirror opposite the entrance door is also not recommended to put it to reflect properly the energy flows, that is all negative, as positive will immediately leave the house under the influence of factors reflecting mirrors. Recommended sizes for beds may be: 1500H2200 mm, mm 1900H2200, 2200H2200 mm 2200H2400 mm. The bed should not be very high from the floor, closer to the floor, the better. The mattress should be one for the whole bed. Color bedrooms are chosen at will, but they must be gentle, relaxing, for example: blue, light green, turquoise, etc. Of great importance is the location of beds in relation to windows and doors of the room, remember that the true location of the bed gives the third good and correct the effect of Feng Shui.

It is desirable to have the bed in such a way that it does not have at the crossroads of energy flows, that is, between a window and a door or two doors, windows. That is, the bed should be placed somewhere in a corner away from windows and doors. And yet it is worth noting the release of the bedroom windows in the direction of the horizon. East bedroom more energy and activity. South, promotes enthusiasm for literature, music, art. In the southwest bedroom feels great season of the year, and brings warmth to our climate is a good option. North-east bedroom makes a change, but a woman makes it more tender and affectionate. House – this is our second "I". Therefore the creation of an enabling environment and attract positive energy into the house has a large impact on our lives. You will need a skilled expert in Feng Shui, if you want to: Improve the energy of your apartment / domPovliyat on their luck, making Feng Shui kvartiryAktivizirovat certain areas: love, wealth, health, TvorchestvPokupaete new apartment / house and want to be sure that life in the new ownership will bring you all sorts of benefits and joy Establish energy map domProvedet complete study of energy at home and talk about their impact on your zhiznPravilno place of family members, depending on their personal favorable zones and direction were made detailed recommendations on arrangement of furniture