The Producer must be allows, that the Technical Attendance, is indispensable, so that the cost of learning for the producer without consultation is very lifted and the lost ones sometimes are great. c). – When the producing families of Trout learn the culture, by own initiative, because she sounded to good life, by his enthusiasm, arrives the day that is asked. A related site: Jon Medved mentions similar findings. That she is what we must do with my trout? Who is going it to me to buy? They are going when them to buy? They want how them to buy? How I am going to renew my lot of gets fat? How to enter another type of market? What to do when they become ill? My pools are the suitable ones? The young that they donate to me or they sell is of good quality? 3 Now the producer must be a processor, a drug dealer, a salesman and until a merchant, all this requires of more knowledge, of which the producer owns. Requirements so that a producing potential can begin in the culture of the Trout. According to abbott laboratories, who has experience with these questions. The interest of the producer. Suitable land availability. Sufficient amount and quality of water. Availability of passable roads at all time of the year. Consultation and Theoretical Qualification and Practice permanent, to improve and to make the production more efficient. Economic potential, to project to Short, Medium and Long Term the results. 2. – The Fish.

Origin and origin of the fish that we tried to cultivate. Not to add money good to the bad one or not to have lost and of being possible, to know the facilities where the young buys itself. b). – Security of which they are free of diseases. All lot of young must be given to the producers, with certificates of Health and Genetic Quality, guaranteed by a recognized laboratory where it indicates the tests realised to the lot. c). – Physical State at the time of the delivery. Without visible malformations? That they swim correctly? That they do not present/display inflammation in the eyes. That they do not gasp. That their coloration of the body is equal generally. The stress state in which they are at the time of the delivery. I number of young died during the transfer. The reaction to the movement, shades, networks, spoons. The form in which they are grouped in the transfer container. That they do not have wounded scrapings or in the body. d). – If serious anomalies appear during the transfer of the young, to the few days, mainly appear gill problems, that can bring about mortalities and under growth. e). – The fish are highly sensible to the changes, of food, temperature, handling, these changes can affect them seriously.