Statutory Health Insurance

What you should do and what time limits are to be observed it happens thousands of times every week. A child is born. This very encouraging event brings in many, where both parents are legally insured, also the question where is now to insure the child and what do I do? Last year, I had geblogt and some backgrounds already on the subject of children insurance and given instructions. But apply generally and as a Supreme Council: you have plenty of time and must not be hasty. The child may (when the insurance conditions are met) are covered in the private health insurance of their parents. It then in the context of so-called registration without waiting and without risk surcharges.

That applies to the child’s registration (exclusion) time limit of 2 months. Is the registration is not completed, leaving only the recording with a risk assessment and the possibility of rejection. However, it can be useful to ensure the child is not the PKV of parents. The tariffs may be unsuitable, because for the insurance of children apply to the part of the other criteria. Here are questions such as rooming-in services, targeted treatment in special clinics (also abroad) and benefits for orthodontic treatment to consider, as well, a very low or no deductible may be advisable.

A check of the insurance of other companies and rates is possible with the present findings of the so-called U examinations U1 and U2. So you might want to look at something beyond the own car and to examine other possibilities. Is the question to check whether the child is entitled to the free Famlienversicherung, if a parent in the statutory fund is insured. The regulations can be found in 10 SGB V. I’ve provided a scheme for a simplified overview on my homepage under downloads. There is also an overview which companies ever alone assure the children because the selection here is limited from cost aspects of societies. What you should do so: U1 and U2 wait out might advance even with a representative discuss and the needs and requirements which set your child’s health within 1 month the choice of the tariff close and companies ask preliminary questions allow have time then another month and may ask if necessary even the insurance at the own car companies under the insurance guarantee


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