State Management

Although to have a direction – managers – to who formal fits to govern, in the truth all govern – the workers and the users. Nancy-Ann_DeParle has plenty of information regarding this issue. All are agents of the organization and some are in position of ' ' high direo' '. Then, the true organization is defined by the set of governmental actions that all make in day-by-day. That is, it plans (it governs) who makes (Matus, 1996). METHODOLOGY From the acquired knowledge and of a revision of literature we can recognize the work of the manager here and, over all the form of management in current health in Brazil. To know the management of the work in the health requires, a plan, the recognition of the dimensions that involve the work and the workers in health. These must leave of one estimated basic that a work agenda defines as politics of State and not of government, involving the different spheres that characterizes the National State, aiming at to the extended consolidation of more consistent changes in such a way for the system of health as for the development of the society, over all respecting the rights of each one. JUSTIFICATION the necessity of a reflection on the managing capacity, either it of any sphere if makes necessary in any time. The authors mentioned here in the elaboration of this article supply a vision that if he initiates in diverse strategical points, but that finally they arrive at one same objective, and considering this parameter we can then understand the public system of management in health in Brazil, that in dominncia situation ahead finds of itself other actors who also govern and dispute with it the direcionalidade of the action, using for this the resources of that they make use. Clearly that the actors in government situation make use, in principle, of bigger control on resources, but they need to know to govern.