Real Estate Market Crisis

Recently, representatives of the professional community gathered at the round table in the exhibition "Domexpo" (the annual International Property Show, held in Moscow in the arcade), to discuss cooperation Media and Advertisers in a new environment. Conversation as relevant as ever, because the question of budgets on advertising and promotion of real estate players are equally concerned about those who advertise, and those who placed. Anxiety media is understandable – their financial well-being, which depends on advertisers, has been threatened, as some of the players in the market quickly turns advertising budgets. Motives for advertisers understood, but they can hardly be called a deliberate and far-sighted. One gets the impression that they "surrender" is not because they are going to close and not because they have been something terrible, but simply because the crisis after all! A therefore certainly need to be taken by surprise and wait for trouble. Actually, all this and motivated by a desire to share their thoughts on the appropriate behavior of companies in the circumstances. Let's seldom advertising! Thus, there is a crisis. In fact, this means that inter alia there is a reduction in demand.

How to respond? The first variant behavior – panic reaction: it is necessary to reduce its own information activity, to cut advertising budgets and conserve. " This tactic is emotional and to put it mildly, not very far-sighted. Advertising and pr has never been the main item of expenditure for real estate players, especially to developers. Their main items of expenditure – this building, the staff, which, as neither have reduced the order of 70% will remain (or else it is more like not to reduce staff, and the elimination of the company), maintenance costs office.