Psychiatric Reformation

and Europe they had come back the looks toward the question for the familiar ones, and had carried through a study that they looked to understand as the familiar relations would be directly involved in the mental upheavals. Get all the facts and insights with Somatic Experiencing, another great source of information. In Brazil, in the decade of 70, the movement appeared of psychiatric reform, that it searchs to substitute the internments in the lunatic asylums for social, cultural initiatives, politics and also to change the concepts and the relation of the society with the carriers of mental upheaval. The politics of mental health in Brazil was influenced by Frank Italian Basaglia, who was doctor and psychiatrist and was the precursor of the Italian movement of psychiatric reform. Then the Psychiatric Reformation, aims at to modify the system of treatment of the insanity, eliminating the internment, as form of social exclusion and this model the society is substituted by a net of psicossociais services aiming at the inclusion of the carriers of mental upheavals. Inside of these nets of services the CAPS exist, the workshops of income generation, the therapeutical cooperatives of directed works, residences and the centers of convivncia and culture. The current Brazilian public politics of mental health, the desospitalizao and the desinstitucionalizao of the assistance, and become the main family the responsible one for the care of the sick person. In these modalities of attendance, the patients receive the medical accompaniment who need, in ambulatorial regimen, and remain with its families. With the permanence of the patients in house, had started to be part of the familiar routine: to guarantee its basic necessities; to co-ordinate its daily activities; to manage its medication; to follow them it the health services; to deal with its problematic behaviors and episodes of crisis, to supply social support to them; to arcar with its expenses; to surpass the difficulties of these tasks and its impact in the social and professional life of the familiar one.