Obesity And The Need For Psychological Help

In addition to risks associated diseases caused by the is a disease that causes severe psychological problems in the person suffering. As the line fades away and the more weight is healthy and “socially acceptable”, the obese patient begins to show signs of discomfort. In a society where the cult of beauty and thinness are so strong, the obese can not help feeling “out of place.” The stereotypes that are displayed at the societal level affect the image people have of themselves, they begin to feel dissatisfied and unable to solve your problem, drop in depression, isolation and some patients get to have suicidal thoughts. It is common to start isolated, and that you feel embarrassed to go out, being with other people, eating in front of others or simply displayed. Along with this comes the sadness social isolation and little desire to implement activities. What is worrying about this is that too often develops a dependence on people with which it coexists. This is how the situation began to worsen until it becomes unbearable for the whole family. In more severe cases, obese patients do not leave your house, you can not perform virtually any activity without assistance and have serious health problems related to their overweight.

The obese do not have a normal relationship with food and as their state of depression worsens, so do their bad habits. You eat by anxiety, to relieve discomfort or pleasure. With food “calm” their negative emotions and anxiety. Reversing the situation is not simple. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. contributes greatly to this topic. The patient needs to be convinced that their state can change and begin to think of a better life, but often the obese and has lost faith in weight loss treatments because of the many failures you have had. Abstract: The task of the psychologist is very important before and after to help change these thoughts and begin to see the real options that has at its disposal to change your life. You must have the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who East and help them make the right decisions.