Ministry Drug

That's why it did such a tricky statement. In April of 2008 at my insistence I was organized meeting with local regional specialists. Our conversation I wanted to document the front of a camera, but my guests have flatly refused by the camcorder. I understand them, on the one hand, they did not want to show my incompetence the issues raised. But then it dawned on me overnight! On an understanding of all spent decades of hard labor. And from the ostrich posture problems do not disappear.

On the other hand they did not want to fail his native moh struggling forward. And the third, where the same civic courage and the true position of the doctor, "do no harm"? After all, as it is convenient to carry out orders minzdravovskih officials and would not respond. Personally, I was convinced of their incompetence in the far seventies, when in the presence of many employees of Ministry of Health showed roster of cured patients live chicken egg from many diseases. I do not believe in the universality of the medicinal properties of eggs and of course not supported. Poke to them today in testimony to the drug trnsfer factor consisting of dozens of diseases. But the drug is made from chicken eggs.

This information may be found on the Internet. In June 2008, Vitebsk (Belarus), an international congress on infectious diseases, which were invited scientists from 16 countries worldwide. Prof. V. Semenov informally invited me. I have previously informed him what the problem was doing.