Foinuma lesson of cognitivo-mannering psychology that I started to distrust that it folloied oTDAH me since infancy. To speech on the upheaval, the professoraparecia to be describing my life. At the same time that such suspicion meprovocou a certain apprehension, to know that all my peripcias had umnome it gave me a certain relief. Sempresoube that had algoerrado with me, masjamais I attributed the problem to one definitive upheaval, lived believing that meuscomportamentos if they gave for pure lack of comprometimento with the tasks querealizava, I relax, laziness and things of the type. In the family como&#039 gained nicknames; ' pancada' ' , which lasts until the present, in the school the teachers diziamque I intelligent, however very very negligent age and in this way had satisfactory umdesempenho, however on this side of the waited one, what, of certain form, it contributed so that nobody raised the suspicion of the occurrence of umtranstorno, therefore never I had difficulties to reach the average.

I believe queessa can be the biography of many people who identify in itself mltiplascapacidades, however always seem to be if auto sabotaging. Desdeento, I come frequentando courses, lectures and reading some publicaescientficas the respect. However, a thing started to intrigue me: studious of the subject they say of the carrying citizen of the subject TDAH as sendoum that it must be treated, however seem to ignore the capacidadecriativa of these people. Already I knew many people who if said carriers of TDAH with an incredible creative capacity. If to search in literature something that corroborates this affirmation, we can appeal to the constatao of the wolf frontal to be the responsible peloprocessamento of the information and that this acts in deficit way in indivduocom TDAH, thus it is easy to imagine the avalanche of thoughts without modulaoque invades the brain of the carrier of the described upheaval. if still imaginarmosque the necessary artist of one total freedom to create something, we have in portadorde TDAH a fertile field for the development of such creations, since esteapresenta difficulties in inhibiting thoughts or behaviors, differentiating-seassim of the citizen whose the brain keeps an activity ' ' normal' ' therefore with regulating ummecanismo of ideas preserved. Eento a doubt invaded my thought: he will be same that all carrying of TDAHdeve to be medicated or to be submitted to some interventivo treatment? I believe that aresposta either negative, therefore some people depend on this capacity criativapara to live and what for all can seem an upheaval, for they are aferramenta of work or even though a simple characteristic. He is clearly that aspessoas that they feel themselves harmed in its academic activities and/or profissionaisdevem to appeal to the health professionals, however before any intervenomedicamentosa, or exactly mannering, if makes necessary to evaluate in as otratamento will go to impactar in the particular life of that citizen, each in case that it must seravaliado as being only. From there the suggestion of the suspension of the theories docomportamento for the understanding in this manner to exist under a existencial olharfenomenolgico. Acreditono to be this one simple task, a time that we are accustomed to explain omundo according to Metaphysical way, however I believe despite studying each fenmenocomo being only, we could more be fidiciary offices the interpretation in the way to exist decade to be, thus providing a more careful look for this question.