International Monetary Fund

Led by big international banks and financial powers no less great, always to the benefit of transnational corporations and the mega-rich. Heavens with secret accounts and front companies, which have made the concealment and deception rule and dogma. Large corporations and the rich choose to tax havens to circumvent the tax system: do not pay taxes or, if so, are ridiculous. Not paying taxes is stealing from the vast majority of citizens who do pay them. Prevent evaded taxes provide the social, economic and cultural rights to which every citizen is entitled, if we ignore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the constitutions of democratic countries.

In the offshore money is laundered worldwide from drug trafficking and other serious crimes, more than 600,000 million dollars a year. Apart from other almost 600,000 million from the fraud and corruption. Figures are consistent with the International Monetary Fund estimates, which is not exactly a left-wing organization, which ensures that each year one trillion is laundered and a half dollars of illicit money, corrupt and criminal. Nearly 5% of world output. But besides havens tax, large bags, large banks and investment funds powerful in the world do not averse to black money from drug trafficking, white slavery, the illegal sale of weapons, the blatant tax evasion, corruption senior officials and rulers … Looking for that money and work with him without they tremble not an ounce of conscience. According to control inflation and economic growth monitoring, but all that garbage tax havens and that in them is perpetrated, does not have anything to do with the departure of the ailing economy, poverty, inequality, with the fluctuation of inflation? Does not impact on the real life of an enormous number of citizens? I do not believe me even if I have a dozen Nobel laureates in economics together. It is time that Central Banks, G8, G20, IMF, WB, OECD, WTO and all the authorities and associations string of economic, monetary and the like are taken seriously put an end to tax havens and the host of injustices that lead, allow or conceal.